If you're thinking about improving your Spanish and you feel confident with it, there are a lot of free courses available about a lot of different topics. To choose elearning is always a good option, specially when its free and there are no strings attached.

When you have reached a decent level of Spanish, the best way to go on is to take a course in Spanish about something you are interested in. With an intermediate or an upper intermediate level, grammatical and standard language lessons can be very frustrating. Instead, enjoying a useful course in the language you are trying to improve, will be good both for your language and for your knowledge in the topic you choose.

Do you like photography, guitar, Photoshop, autocad, or math?  Do you want to learn typing, sewing, or makeup?  There are always a lot of options, and one of them might be good for you

 You might want to try on of the free courses offered in the web of free courses formaci√≥nonline.com. We recommend specially to try first the free courses, because doing courses online is not the best for everyone. If you feel comfortable doing the course in Spanish, then we are sure the time you spend studying will be worth it.

When you are bored, and I mean very bored, it can be hard for anything to seem appealing to you. Your life is in a rut and it seems like nothing is going to satisfy you. When your bored self is thinking this way, usually there is a root to the problem. That's when you need to step back and appreciate the little things in life. Because let's face it, we often overlook those little things that actually mean a whole lot to us when we don't have them available. And just one of those things is a warm, relaxing shower.

bored shower

That's right. Thinking of something as simple as a shower in a new way can completely turn your boredom around. Usually boredom is in our minds because of the rut we are in. We are tired of doing the same things in the same way. But if you think of the little things and what you like about them, you can find new ways of appreciating them.

A shower is a great example of this, because a lot of times it serves to get us clean very quickly before we run off to do whatever we have to do that day. People usually think of baths when they think of relaxing home activities, but the shower is usually relegated to getting cleaned the express way.

But it doesn't have to be like that. Showers are great all their own. Warm water pouring down on your body, the steam clouding out the room around you so you can get lost in your thoughts. The running water shuts down all sounds except the constant rush of the water. It's just you and you alone in that little cubicle in the bathroom. You can't see or hear anything else going on in the house that can distract you and make you think about the real life that's waiting for you.

No, there's nothing at all boring about a shower. In fact you'll find yourself getting lost in the moment and not wanting to get back to the outside world. That's why it is best that if you are going to take this kind of shower that you should not be in a hurry to get somewhere. But then if you were in a hurry, you would not be bored, would you?

So don't take life's little pleasures for granted. When you need a great way to beat your boredom, consider taking a lush warm shower and washing those boredom blues away.

If you think you are the first person to ever sit around thinking about how bored you are, think again. People have been trying to figure out fun things to do for centuries. Ever since humans became civilized enough that we didn't have to spend every waking moment finding food or making sure that we didn't become someone else' food, we have been trying to find things to when we are bored. And one age-old answer to “how do I spend my time” is coin collecting.

boredom count coins

People have been collecting coins ever since they have been minted back in the old, old, old days. When man learned how to melt metals so that it can be shaped into different things, people have been making coins for use as money. And of course people wanted to collect as many coins as possible. It was money. Duh.

But even when money grew to the point where coins represented much smaller amounts of money than they used to, people still wanted to collect them, not as much now for their monetary value, but for their artistic value. One way or another, it is a creative work of man and people love to collect all kinds of arts and crafts.

Coins are great because they have history built right into them. Coins from all over the world and all throughout history tend to put the faces of historical figures on them. And they also usually have a date of some kind, or at least features that let you place about when in history the coin was minted.

And not only that, there is a kind of great feeling to hold these little pieces of art in your hands, and to pour out a jar of old pennies, quarters or dollar pieces and lay them out on the table or running your hands through them. There are few other collectibles that have such a visceral feeling in your hands.

The neat thing about coins is that they can be clean, pretty and shiny, or they can be dingy and beat up and make you wonder what all that coin has been through. If you have coins that are in really good shape, you can keep them in special containers designed for keeping them scratch-free and helping to preserve the value.

Often coins in collections have a much higher value than what it originally held. Sometimes coins have mistakes in them that make them particularly valuable to collectors. But it's best not to get into coin collecting thinking you are going to get rich. The odds of that happening are rare. Just enjoy the hobby and that you have a cool interesting way to keep from being bored.

If you experiencing massive boredom and you are wondering what to do with your free time, probably the first thing to come to you mind is not “Hey, I'd like to do some homework right now.” But think about how much stress you feel about getting that done in time when you wait for the last minute and you may realize how useful it can be to get some homework done when you have nothing better to do.

boredom study and homework
The main reason most people are bored is that they are in a rut and their mind is not being challenged. Well, homework can challenge your mind like nothing else. You'll be amazed at how quickly you forget being bored when you put your mind on your studies.

There's another great benefit of doing homework when you are bored that you would probably never think of if you always do that at the last minute. There is a huge difference in how doing homework feels when you are doing it on your own time at your own pace. When you do everything at the last minute, you can't catch your breath. You have a weight on your shoulder and you have to get it done NOW. But when you work on it on your own time, you do not have that weight on your shoulder. You can relax and enjoy solving the problems of getting the job done without feeling like every move you make is critical to getting the thing done on time.

The other benefit to working ahead this way is that you can get a real feeling of accomplishment and ownership of your work. When you put real time and effort into something, you appreciate it for the thing you created, and for the knowledge that you didn't have before. When you work at the last minute, you are just doing the bare minimum to get the job done on time. There isn't much you in there when it is rushed and hastily thrown together. But when you work on your own time, you feel like a dedicated responsible person taking care of your own business.

And there is nothing like the feeling of being able to go into class or work with your homework done when you knew you took your time and did a good job with it. Nobody can touch you then. It's all you.

So if you are looking for a positive thing to kill boredom when you have nothing to do, think about getting a jump on your homework and you will thank yourself over and over again down the line.

When you feel like you have nothing to do you might be saying “Where should I spend my time, because I'm not enjoying myself.” You can always spend your spare minutes doing what people have been doing with their spare time for ages, shopping.

But the internet provides you with ample opportunities to do that from the privacy of your own home, so you don't even have to leave your seat to dream about the things you'd like to have. Not only that, you can make those dreams realities with sites like Dealextreme.com that offers the electronics and gadgets you want at greatly reduced prices.

dealextreme website for buying cheap electronics

DealExtreme.com generally sells products manufactured in China at a low price. And they have great variety. The interesting thing is that they don't charge shipping (which is where other seemingly discount sites stick it to you). The downside is that your merchandise can take a month to arrive, although the fun part of that is that you can forget you were waiting for it and be surprised.

I recommend that before buying any product read the views of other users to make sure that you are getting what you were expecting. Sometimes when dealing with companies outside of your country you can have a breakdown in communication. Otherwise, the site has some excellent prices for things that there is no way you would get in your country at those prices.

Another great thing about such a low-cost service is that you can get all of your holiday shopping done. Imagine being able to offer high quality gifts to your friends and family that nobody thinks you should be able to afford. They will love you all year, and there's not telling what benefits that could bring you. You want to make sure you don't wait until the last minute, though, if you want to do holiday shopping or for getting any other kind of gift. Because of the delay in shipping, you could find yourself with nothing to give on the actual day because it hasn't come in yet. But plan ahead and you could have gifts that everyone will enjoy.

All in all, if you are bored and you love to shop for all kinds of electronics, computer gadgets and equipment and all kinds of other interesting products, you should check out DealExtreme.com to see how much you can save.

If you're sitting at home suffering from terminal boredom, there's no better way to defeat your boredom that by making some easy  money. And the Internet offers an excellent opportunity to do that by way of Amazon's  Mechanical Turk website, which connects people who need someone to do a small task for a fee with people who want to work from home.

 amazon mechanical turk website for making money

Amazon Mechanical Turk bases its service on a system of units of work (also called, HITs, of "Human Intelligence Tasks" or "Human intelligence tasks"), and which is used to determine how much work people do for another user, and how much they will be paid for it. But work on the Internet does not have to be work in the usual sense. It's things you can do online and be paid from the comfort of your home.

Usually don't have to know anything technical to do these jobs, since they are simple repetitive tasks, ranging from looking at people's sites and advertisements to taking product and service surveys. Easy work.

Or if you want something more sophisticated, and you are a student of psychology, you can participate in  psychological testing through an interview and be paid for your responses..

In other words, the Mechanical Turk is nothing more than taking the concept of distributed computing, but adapt it to humans instead of machines, since usually the type of tasks that are entered in the Mechanical Turk are tasks that a computer cannot do easily, but that a human can.

You're probably wondering how much is the pay, and that depends on the type of HITs for which you subscribe to. But generally we are talking about cents on the dollar. However, it is possible that if you carefully choose the HITs you can easily make a good bit of money each week, which is not bad considering its something you're doing in your spare time to cure boredom.

Curious Note: the name Mechanical Turk (or "Turkish mechanic") comes from the fact that someone built a supposed robotic chessboard which he called "The Turkish mechanical", which was toured around the world beating several of the best experts in the World of Chess in the 18th century.

This was until everyone found out that what was happening in reality was that he had hidden a true master of chess under the machine who made the moves. In other words, it was a hoax. Therefore the Mechanical Turk is a very appropriate name, because although it seems like you are getting results out of machines, in reality you get hundreds of thousands of humans that do the work in parallel, sometimes within minutes.

So if you want to make some extra money while you are getting rid of your boredom, Amazon's Mechanical Turk gives you one easy way to do that.

When you are bored to death and tired of the same old things, a great way to kill boredom is to learn a new language. And there is an excellent site online that can help you do exactly that.

duolingo.com learning languages website

Duolingo.com is a site that lets you learn languages for free and help others to translate texts on the Internet. It is the work of the mathematician and Guatemalan entrepreneur Luis Von Ahn and focuses on developing programs using human capabilities to solve problems that computers are not able to solve.
Von Ahn, who is currently considered one of the 50 most influential people in the world of technology, presented Duolingo, a web site that seeks 500,000 people to learn languages for free while they translate texts on the Internet in all the languages of the world.

In the cyber world more than fifty percent of the content is in English and if people don't know not I can understand it. Duolingo.com assesses students by levels and, through its online chat platform, learning activities and listening exercises users come to intuitively learn another language.

The goal is to help translate vast amounts of text online into various languages. For example, in the popular online encyclopedia powered by users themselves, Wikipedia, the proportion of articles that are in Spanish compared to English is only about twenty percent.

Users first start learning very simple words and are then gradually given phrases of texts from the internet that have not been translated. One example of an item the user will translate might be the title of an article that contains the words that she has been learning.

If the user needs help with any word, the program reveals its meaning and gives clues to help the student to remember next time.

The main focus for translation right now is Wikipedia, so that's where you can be the most help, but the long-term goal of the project is to contact educational institutions or news sites to let Duolingo users translate their content and bring even more internet to the public. Currently the site offers English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese, and they hope to offer more in the years to come.

So when you are bored at home, why not enjoy the challenge of learning a new language and help the world a little bit while you are at it.

When you are looking for fun things to do, one of the greatest resources for finding ways to remedy that situation is the Internet. Almost anything under the sun can be found on the Net, and it serves as an endless source of information and fun activities for people all over the world.

ted.com website for when you are bored
So if you are looking for stuff to do when you are bored, but you are thinking "I want to spend my time wisely", you could be in for a treat when you learn about this next website. Ted.com is a site devoted to sharing information about technology and other relevant subjects and how they affect us today. The site is known for its videos called "TED talks" that showcase interesting aspects of all variety of subjects.

What's great about TED.com that sets it apart from other video and educational sites is that it doesn't talk down to you or try to overwhelm you with overly technical jargon and obscure mathematical formulas. The talks given on TED.com are in the form of lectures as if the person were speaking at your local conference or auditorium. The information is intended to share important ideas on all kinds of subjects in a way that communicates those ideas to ordinary people.

TED.com is one of a number of sites online that believes in the sharing of ideas and knowledge rather than keeping it all in for only those who pay huge sums of money for a college education. But these sites are not a college replacement. People both in school and out can enjoy these kinds of talks, because it's not so much about making someone knowledgeable about a particular set of facts as it is about sharing the ideas and philosophy about important subjects in general.

If you are bored and you are trying to find things to do, there are a lot worse things you can do than to spend a few minutes listening to some of the world's smartest and interesting people share their ideas and knowledge about things that affect every one of us every day. You don't have to be bored when there are such inspiring and motivational speakers with valuable insights to share. You can never have too much of such information, and these talks are so good that you will usually forget about what you are doing and how bored you are when you get caught up in the subjects of the talks.

Give TED.com's video talks a try next time you're thinking there's nothing to do in the world. This is one thing you can do that will make you very glad you were bored so that you were able to find out about it.
Let's sleep a little and benefit from a pleasant dream. Sleeping will help you to recover some energy and come back to the world happier. This is not my best advice for boredom, because in my opinion it's an extreme solution in some cases, specially when you are not really tired.

sleep bored taking a nap

If you are tired, even just a little bit, sleeping is a good thing to do. The question should be, why not? Maybe because you find other good idea to spend your free time. Have a look here before going to sleep, and don't forget to set the alarm!
I feel strange recommending youtube as a time killer, because I know most of the people able to find this site, already know about youtube.

But I don't want to take the risk, because youtube can be the best thing to do when you are bored! And also, I think there are a lot of older peoplo who isn't able to get the most of youtube, or people who hasn't made the effort to use it at its bests.

youtube website for bored people

If you know something about google, you know they always offer a basic tool and provide great and powerful options of configurations. That is what I recommend to do with youtube.

I will give a detailed explanation of advises and tricks to use youtube in a near future...

Until then, the same youtube can explain you how to use youtube!

When I discovered google news, I thought it was a simple idea. In fact, it is. What I couldn't think was that I would end up using it so much.

Google news is a great tool to find news in a topic you are interested in, and particularly, I found it good to know about your city local news.

google news for your city information

Those few minutes you spend commuting can turn in something interesting and useful, if you use this tool you might be able to find out about your city. Wether you want to know the last events or you are interested in finding a job, your city news can give you that information.

Usually you will find lot of activities you didn't know are done in your city, and you would never had imagined.

If you know this great tool, please share your tricks and experiences!
A prank is always an option when I don't know what to do. There are unlimited funny ideas to perform, and my favourites are always the tasteful ones.

One of the classic and funny solutions to what to do when you are bored can bring loads of fun to you and your friends. That is to pull a prank on someone. Of course you don't want to hurt anyone, either physical or emotionally, but it can be fun for everyone involved to break up the humdrum of the everyday routine by having a little good-humored fun with someone you know.

The reason a prank is one of the best things to do when bored is because everyone gets a good kick out of seeing one of their friends or family members having to deal with being the butt of a joke as long as no one is harmed in the process. And the poor victim of the prank usually enjoys a good laugh when it's all over.

One of the funniest pranks to pull on your unsuspecting victim requires a at least one friend to join in, but it helps if you have two or more. When your victim is out of earshot, tell your friends that your are going to tell a joke with a punchline that makes no sense. Tell them what the punchline is going to be, such as "the monkey was gone", and that they should laugh when they hear those words as if it was the funniest joke they ever heard even though the joke will have nothing to do with that punch line. When your victim comes around, watch him squirm in embarrassment as he tries to pretend he gets the joke everyone is laughing so hard at.

A nice variation on that prank is to tell one of your friends to leave the room before you tell the joke to the victim. But tell them that when they come back afterwards, that you will tell the joke again and that they should say they don't get it. Hilarity will ensue as you watch your victim pretend to be superior as if he gets the joke, saying things like "don't you get it? The MONKEY was GONE!"

play a prank to have some fun and stop boredom

But you don't always have to pull a prank on someone you know. When you are looking for things to do when you are bored, you can pull pranks from a distance on anonymous people, such as making prank calls. This can be a great source of amusement, and if you record the prank conversation, you can even enjoy it for years to come every time you play it back. Just be sure you don't do anything particularly cruel or illegal, or else you could find yourself in trouble with the police.

Again, there's always the chance that you could get in hot water when pulling pranks on people, but it can be a lot of fun if you play your cards right. Being bored can lead to all kinds of interesting ideas, so let your mind run wild.

There is almost never "desire" to tidy up your room or clean it, but we all know that we have too. So, one option is doing this. Obviously this is not a fun thing to do, or at least it doesn't appear to be

clean room and house to do something

But, we try to get the best of our time and if you are bored, doing this can free some future time that you will be happy to use with interesting things.

Let's do it the fun way:
If you do it with different attitude, it might even be really fun. Following those rules is a good idea!
One of the best feelings is the one after doing some sport. No matter how fit you are. Running a few miles or going on a bike ride is always rewarding

Don't think about how tired you are or how well are you sited on your couch. Just wake up and run. You are not doing nothing right now and you will feel much better after dong some sport. Even if you only are able to run a couple of miles, do it!

Sport will deliver serotonin.

“I feel powerful when I run”, “Running makes me feel strong”, “When I get stressed, I run”

Don't you prefer to feel that way, go do it! And when you come back, tell me, was it worth your time?
If you don't know holophonic/3d sounds, congratulations, because the world of holophonic sounds is going to surprise and entertain you.

The wikipedia description says:
"Holophonics is a binaural recording system created by Hugo Zuccarelli that is based on the claim that the human auditory system acts as an interferometer. It relies on phase variance, just likestereophonic sound. The sound characteristics of holophonics are most clearly heard through headphones; though they can be effectively demonstrated with 2-channel stereo speakers, provided that they are phase-coherent."    

For further information about holophonics: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holophonics
Either you already know it or not, there is a huge amount of audio/videos to enjoy on the net.
The first one I saw, was this one(use headphones, close your eyes):

Best site to find binaural/holophonic/3d audios is youtube. Search for those words and reproduce them on 480p at least, and you I bet you will enjoy it.

I will add a list of my favourites videos here. Which is yours?

As I said, time is gold. Maybe you think right now that you have too much time, but when you have things to do, there is never too much. 

Use your free time now to plan the week or month. Probably you have a few things to do in your near future, and this time now can be useful to plan it and do the best with your time.

Time management is the key. I am no expert in time management, in fact, I've end up writing this site because I was terrible with it.

But I've learned that when you are doing nothing, you are not completely wasting the time. Because being bored force you to think, and maybe, you get to think about ideas you wouldn't have thought in any other way.

I can only recommend doing what I did. Buy a diary and be detailed with the things will have to do. If the day you are planning is really important or has a lot of things to do attach a paper with the day's instructions.

What to do... be nice! Being nice is always good, for you to end with boredom and for someone to receive a  great surprise. Presents are better when are unexpected. Don't wait for special dates and don't worry about money. What make presents worth are the effort and illusion put on them, and know we will have another factor, the surprise factor.

present for you loved if you are bored
I would advice to choose someone really close, and if you have doubts, prepare a present to your parents. They surely deserve it and will be really happy to know you care about them, and you don't need to wait to holidays.

Did you tried this? How did it went?
Here again, writing as a good option to spend some spare time.

I have to say, I am not specially into writing, but doing this is really nice in my opinion. Why not writing a nice letter to an unknown person. Wouldn't you like to receive a letter from someone you don't know telling nice things about you.
letter when I am bored

True, this is strange, and some might think it's creepy, but I think it is beautiful.

Write as if you were writing to "humanity", and leave it in a place where someone will pick it. I suggest writing something on the cover like:

"From someone you don't know to someone I don't know" 

I think it can make someone's day, It would certainly make my day.

I will share mine here when finished. Did you tried this? What did you write? 
Are you too lazy to write a few lines? If not, congratulations. Writing is a very pleasant activity when you find some spare time and have something to write. Write a poem or a song without worrying about the results, your are the only one who will read it if you want. 

poem writing when bored

To break the ice, write anything you think about, and later, start trying to improve it. Don't try to copy other's work. This is all about writing something for you and have a good time.

Did you finish it? Maybe is good or funny enough to share with your friends or family.

Even better, share it here on the comments! Please!

Reddit.com is a very nice website. I would describe it more as a website of websites, or forum of forums. Check their front page and look for interesting subreddits.
Here is their alien-logo!

reddit.com bored

I've been using their website for a long time, maybe more than 3 years, and if you learn to manage the subreddits you see and look for interesting topics, I'm sure you will spend some nice time there and will be grateful about me showing you this website.

And here you have the best explanation about reddit, the author of the video does such a great job:


Some subreddits are crazy, I know. But, what do you thing about reddit? Did you find an interesting subreddit?